Divorce Lawyers to the Rescue?

Believe it or not, the lawyers who deal with fighting and splitting couples are in a good position to save their marriage as well. Of course, that can only happen if the spouses truly want to rescue their troubled bond. Many do, though. Without close examination of their relationship, they may not realize how much certain factors have been affecting them or that a few months of hard work can breathe new life into their once wonderful partnership.

Pressure to Take Action

A divorce lawyer can sometimes save a marriage instantly. For example, an unhappy wife consulting with a lawyer is a signal to her husband that the marriage is in serious trouble. However, the wife does need to be clear about her intent. Her husband may plead with her to reconsider ending their marriage. In reality, she might actually be waging an internal battle to save a marriage beyond hope which is unfair to everyone.

Helping Seek Out Solutions

When you're trying to avoid a divorce from taking place, it's even more important to seek out solutions. A divorce lawyer may suggest a cooling off period of thirty days to six months and recommend that the unhappy married couple consider going to marriage therapy before proceeding with filing divorce papers. In many cases the cooling off period and therapy is enough to expose marital problems and seek solutions.

Suggesting a Breather

In more severe marital problem cases, a divorce lawyer may recommend to a judge to grant a legal separation in which each person will live in separate homes and manage their own life. A legal separation can last for a short time or even indefinitely in some cases. Many legally separated married couples end up realizing that their original squabbles were ridiculous and should have been worked out.

Reaching Out Can Help

Marriage is no doubt a complicated endeavor. Marriage struggles tend to be lonely and divorce is almost always a bad outcome, especially if there are children involved. People are hesitant to reach out to friends, support groups, therapists, couples programs, and other types of informal and formal assistance. They fear being judged or coming across as failures. The reality is that many marriages can actually be saved through the efforts of persistent spouses, support from close family and friends, therapists, and yes, divorce lawyers.